Holesum Mopane (CB127)

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Without a doubt my favorite braai-wood, but also lovely to work with. Although Mopani stands are problematic in some parts of Limpopo I still find it very difficult to get my hands on some, and I love the odd pieces I do get in my shop. It is a very durable wood on account of its density. It is considered a difficult wood to work with, but on the lathe it turns like a dream. The grain is usually interlocked, with a fine uniform texture that presents a moderate, natural luster. We fitted this semi-goblet with a 26 mm synthetic silvertip knot. Synthetic brushes are very popular at the coastal regions or where humidity is a problem, they dry quick and are generally very hygienic. Not surprisingly, a medium heavy brush weighing 80 grams, the total height is 128 mm, and the loft rises 64 mm above the handle's shoulders.