Hyena's breakfast (ABB62)

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Some boar hair, pieces of horn, salt and a bit of resin all mixed into one and 'processed' This was one of those brushes where I simply 'moerred' odd bits of stuff into a mould to test certain mechanical traits, not the best brush in terms of quality, but it certainly does its job, looks like something never seen before and has a very prominent personality, this cannot, and will not be duplicated! This one can go for cheap, I hope it finds a good home, as it has already received a fair bit of abuse as the runt of the litter!

The brush is fitted with a 26 mm Boar knot and will 'take whatever you throw at at it' It stands 140 mm tall, weighs 85 grams, has a waist of 22 mm and a belly of 39 mm. Get this...the brush comes with a piece of 180 grit sandpaper so you can sand it down when maintenance is required, hardcore stuff right here! 

Here two Hyenas are working at processing the boar hair into a useable knot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONFi8N2FQsc