Jakkalsbessie vortex (ARB24)

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This brush features quite a rare Bushveld wood species namely Jakkalsbessie. The wood takes a bit of effort to finish reasonably smooth as the grain is light and intertwined, and it is prone to tear-out on the lathe. We love the colour this timber offers in its natural state, it looks great with brighter colours, we'll certainly be adding some more in similar combinations! This tree has many uses, termites anyone? 

Ripe fruits are relished by indigenous people, especially by children. Fruits are eaten fresh or are dried for later use. The juvenile twigs are sometimes used as toothbrushes. The wood is durable and used to make spoons and canoes. A decoction of roots is ingested to get rid of internal parasites such as worms. Extracts of various parts of the plants are believed to have antibiotic properties. A secondary benefit from this tree is the flavour it gives to termites nesting around the tree. The termites feed on the roots and humans eat the termites, including flying termites, which are delicious. The tree is used for shade and also makes an incredible screen or windbreak.

The brush stands 128 mm tall, with the loft at 50 mm. It has a waist of 20 mm and a foot of 37 mm. The brush weighs 71 grams and has a 22 mm Finest two band knot in it.