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Now here is a cool Kami all the way from the Ukraine. The maker of this blade is Roman Kamlash who hails from Chernihiv, and makes razors for a living. Some interesting facts about the country is that it has 44 million citizens, basically just as many as us if you had to remove all our illegal immigrants, criminals and politicians... It has a rich history, the capitol Kiev is around 1400 years old and celebrates their founding year as 482!  Its name in Ukrainian – Kyiv – is a variation of Kyi, the name of the eldest brother in the family who founded the first settlement for the city. What do we have in common? Land reform!  Pity on us as they seem to be moving in the right direction while we seem to be moving in the wrong direction!

This razor has a 6/8 blade, made from 105 WCR 6 steel with a machine satin finish, it has a traditional right hand Japanese grind, a bit more tricky to use than a western grind, but if there is one thing Saffers are up to it is a new challenge, so get this blade in your hands and learn master it!

This razor comes in a cool wooden box with magnetised inserts to keep the razor's cutting edge safe from any accidental damage.

This baby is shave ready and good to go!