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Just like our shaving gear, these pens are old-school cool. Writing with a fountain pen just makes you that little bit more classy that the guy next to you in his brand new Galanderwagen, even if you are in a '79 Mk1 golf, just because you got a FOUNTAIN PEN! Refillable, so they are very good for the environment because you produce zero disposable plastic. These pens are made from Matumi one of the kings of the bushveld, it loves water and grows quick and strong, I wishI could replace most water guzzling Bluegums with these endemic trees ! The way the wood is cut makes for quite a difference in appearance, and also in the manner that the wood behaves on the lathe. This pen does not use cartridge refills, and is refilled from a jar of ink using the pen's built-in vacuum system. We are still hunting for a suitable supplier for ink, so ask your local stationary shop to hook you up for time being, but please and pop in from time to time to see what we have available.