Mpingo (African Blackwood) with a Pure Badger (CB178)

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Mpingo is easy to identify in that it has dark heartwood and very light sapwood, it must be one of the species of wood with the most distinct differentiation in its trunk, giving it an almost unnatural appearance, or of a brush that has been segmented with two wood types, but it is indeed as nature produced this miracle wood. This brush was turned to a classic, short shape loved by so may users.

This brush is fitted with a 21 mm Pure Badger knot, it weighs in on 70 grams, and is 98 mm tall with a loft height set at 55 mm, the waist is 27 mm and the top collar around 40 mm. The brush was finished to 600 grit and given a coating of Rubio Monocoat RMC Hybrid wood protector, re-apply any similar product as or when required, or leave it without any coating that will allow for better grip and display the grain of the wood in a lighter shade.