Plated Straight Razor in Ebony scales. ZY 35860


R 490.00
ZY shaving straight razors are pretty much one of the best options out there if you are looking for a straight on a budget. The blades are made of decent steel, and they are one of the few manufacturers to offer a range of cheaper razors in carbon and stainless steel. They hold an edge pretty well and is preferred by some over Gold Dollars as they do not require modification of the stabilizers to ease the sharpening process on whetstones. This razor has a rainbow coloured plated blade and is dressed up in Ebony scales, we don't 'tape up' blades when we sharpen them, but you might want to consider doing just that to the spineof this one if you sharpen this one yourself, as the plating will be removed along the spine as you run the razor over the stones. The chromed metal bits and scales of solid wood makes this quite a heavy razor at 66 grams, but its blade geometry and well placed jimps makes it comfortable in hand. The blade grind is half-hollow and is 70 mm long with a width of around 6/8, or just over 20mm. The build is pretty good, and the pinning tight enough to keep the scales in position without having too much tension on them. Although some don't align perfectly, we don't consider it to be a big enough issue not to carry their straight razors in our inventory, the pros of this razor, the primary being it's pricing, far outweighs the cons.Please ask for more info or pics of the specific razor you will receive if you are concerned with quality issues, as all of them are not exactly the same.

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