Poachers view (ABB76)

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The Western Cape of South Africa has a coastline with enormous biodiversity. Did you know there are 179 defined marine ecosystem types, and 150 of them are found around South Africa? Some of our own species prefer to pillage, rape and destroy, own gain always being the singular priority, and the stretch of ocean has not escaped poaching; Crayfish, Abelone, Alikreukel, mussels, fish and many other creatures are harvested beyond the limits of sustainability and the law. It has become an epidemic, with poor policing and a lack of political will being the biggest problem to resolve this problem. I know of many communities who know exactly where poachers have a base, but mostly no or very action is taken by the authorities! 

This brush gives a glimpse into this magical world with its bounty and beauty, it is a simple homage to our oceans that provides us with the very oxygen we need every minute of every day.  

The brush stands 134 mm tall, with the loft at 53 mm. It has a waist of 27 mm and a belly of 41 mm. The brush weighs 128 grams and has a 24 mm High density High mountain badger knot in it ready to deliver the goods.