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This Mappin & Webb blade came into our posession with dreadful scales, we smashed them off with a 4lbs hammer and cut some slices of a good ol' SAR (South Africa Railways) sleeper, you can still smell the shunting yard on the saturated oily scales. Our railway system was developed with lots of input from across the pond, so this piece of oil stained African piece of hardwood and shiny Sheffield brit makes quite a good pair. Pinned with stainless to give the razor an appearance that many popular brands are still selling today.

Mappin & Webb is a going concern, but has changed its merchandise over the years and now sells jewellery, is an international jewellery company headquartered in England. Mappin & Webb traces its origins to a silver workshop founded in Sheffield in 1775; 248 years ago. This blade was made pre 1890, so it is over 130 years old, a razor that must be passed on to someone for sure!

The razor has 316L stainless steel pinning, weighs 44 grams and has an 6/8 blade size. It has a few marks on the steel, but it has been stripped and all forms of oxidation has been removed from the blade to present a nice, clear razor to bash beard.

Sharp and ready to deliver some great shaves to you!