Razorock Silver Satin Hawk V2

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Now here is an interesting single edge razor. The RazoRock Hawk is CNC machined from 6061 billet and rod aluminium. It's finished in two variations, satin silver and black anodizing. Aluminium is much lighter, bringing the overall weight of the razor down quite a bit. This is certainly a good thing as these razors use the Feather Artist Club style blades, these blades are very sharp and the lighter razor gives the user more control over the aggression of the shave. Aluminium is also much faster and less expensive to machine and less expensive to finish, making this razor quite affordable, most other modern single edged razors will be double or three times the cost of this wide-ass razor. It looks similar to the Grim reaper's scythe when checked out from the side, and quite befitting as this badboy will come and round up your stubble as often as you like to whisk them away to their demise. This razor will shave a much wider track than conventional safety razors, and the rigid blades will also be a new experience to most users. It will certainly add some new dimensions to your shaving experience, but don't be scared to tame this beast, it will delight you once you know how to crack the whip good and proper!

This is a three piece razor, that weighs 37 grams and stands 98 mm tall 

Be sure to get the right blades for this one, we have 5 types available to find your favourite combo.