Rockwell razor Model R


R 295.00
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 The 'R1' is Rockwell's baseline offering in their range of razors, it is a butterfly razor in a high quality white chrome finish. The blade is changed out by turning the dial at the bottom anti-clockwise, the blade is inserted and dial turned in the opposite direction to 'shut the doors' Easy as 'val-uit-'n-boom' Quite a chunky piece of metal at 69 grams, and stands an average 93 mm tall. Good value for money and quite pretty also, the handle offers good grip, balance and weight distribution. It is a mild razor and offers a great introduction to classic wet shaving to both male and female users making a switch from the plastic stuff. 

It comes with a pack of 5 blades to get you out of the blocks and into great shaves quick as possible.

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