Rose en Bos Charcoal activated body bar

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All Rose en Bos products are hand crafted in small batches at their workshops in the Western Cape using their unique recipes. This small but hardworking team of ladies use the best essential oils, and loads of other lekker local ingredients to churn out these bars of goodness. Rose en Bos  represents a marriage of European and African sensibilities; traditional French perfume-making inspired by Southern Africa, and its diversity of cultures, flora and geography. South African grown ingredients are uses wherever they can.

Rose en Bos bath and beauty products will appeal to those who are interested in the highest quality ingredients, and to those who wish for soaps and lotions that are an alternative to the mass production of commercial beauty products.

A luxurious bar made from a base of coconut oil, it gives your skin a very gentle cleansing, while the activated charcoal works to clear and draw out impurities. The addition of charcoal gives this bar a slightly exfoliating action too. Rose en Bos has added soothing, vitamin-rich goat's milk to this blend for extra skin nourishment.