'Royal Mall' blade bank

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Blade banks are not really something that you can get on the continent or buy is small quantities, so I am always on the lookout for something cool that can be used for this purpose, any old container will do just fine, but a used can of pilchards does not quite blend in with most bathroom decor. If you are going to reuse the item over and over it is worth it getting something cool that fits in with the way you do things.

This 'Royal Mall' is unbeknown to me, is it a mall in London that sells Corgis, tea, toad-in-the-hole, warm beer and offer dental services for the Brits, or is it simply the Chinese ripping off the Royal Mail? No need to get into that, it is indeed something resembling a postbox, much similar to what we had in SA in years gone by. This is pretty cool in that this old, slow mailing system has long gone been replaced with an expensive, modern, much slower mail system. The cans have a matt finish, and be aware they do have some 'dulled' marks on them, but I quite like it as it will eventually look like a real postbox, all scratched up, regardless the 65 layers of paint that was applied in an attempt to hide all the bike scratches, vandalism attempts, and urine stains from drunkards and canines.  

 These maildrops are 70 mm in diameter, and stand just under 160 mm high. Like most postboxes in SA, these will remain in use for around a decade before they are emptied out.