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The DE18 razor is a new offering that is much the same as the very popular DE7 razor; it has the same head, same robust design and stunning finishing, but this razor is a lot longer, heavier, and has a knurling pattern that is more aggressive. This razor has doors that open when you turn the dial at the bottom, this enables easier loading and less handling of the blade. It is a medium to mild razor, and a great razor to own if you are a lover of simple, uncomplicated shaving. Clean it with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents and ensure smooth action.

This is a beefy, tall butterfly razor at 123 grams and a length of 123 mm and is available in white metal and gunmetal finishes.

Customer Reviews

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Edouard de Villiers
A great razor for starters and veterans alike

I bought this razor to use when traveling, since its TTO design means I probably won't be misplacing a part or two while it's in a hotel bathroom.
The razor I've been using since starting wet shaving is a Merkur 23C, which is known for having a longer than usual handle. This razor is much larger than that in all dimensions, except for the head, but still handles well IMO. The weight might not be your cup of tea.
The finishing has nothing to complain about and doesn't have any blemishes, though in hindsight I probably would've liked the regular chrome finish more than the gunmetal I decided to get.
The turn dial stays secure during shaving, so no worries about the doors opening.
The prominent knurling works very well for maintaining a grip.
As far as comfort and closeness of the shave is concerned: My baseline is the aforementioned Merkur with Minora Platinum blades, which is a combo I've found to give a very comfortable shave.
Using this razor combined with Minora Platinums provides a shave that is somewhere between mild and medium, but definitely a bit more aggressive than the Merkur.
Overall, I think this is a really good razor for what you're paying for.