Sandkiaat handgranaat (CB119)

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This Sandkiaat handle is big and heavy with some explosive lathering action. It weighs 120 grams, stands 141 mm tall and has the loft set at 60 mm. It is fitted with our unique High Mountain white/Finest two band hair mix, strong and soft just like good coffee. The handle is sanded to around 600 grit and was finished with a product that penetrates at molecular level. The rough patches appeared after surface treatment of the brush, almost like a shorter wood fiber in patches of longer fiber, but we quite like the added grip factor, so for now we will leave it as is. The nice grip of the natural wood and its mild colouring is preserved while it is still protected against the elements. a Great brush for your bushveld bush retreat bathroom, it smacks Limpopo! This baby is thirsty for water and soap, we hope it gets used daily by its new boss.