Sculpin (CB156)

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a Sculpin is a fish that one finds in the ocean, estuaries and rivers, its a tiny bugger with serious pectoral fins that can move huge amounts of substrate, just as this brush can move huge amounts of lather all over your face. The tiny shells are from Hartenbos, casting them in clear resin has ensured their beauty can be admired for many more years. The 30 mm High Mountain White/Finest 2 Band knot lathers up a huge volume of suds in no time at all, while the brush is still soft to the touch with ample backbone, something that can become problematic in larger diameter brushes.  It is a medium to heavy brush at 96 grams, the total length is 112 mm, and the loft is set at 72 mm, a great brush for a tall human who likes their brushes stocky, fat and sturdy.