Sekelbos Landy (ARB19)

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This type of green always makes me think of the Series 1 Land Rover, epic vehicles, thus the name, not going into oil leak conversations on this one...although the black resin mixed into the green might suggest otherwise, just in case, we gave it a 'sump plug' for regular services to avoid any such issues!

This brush features one of the most popular firewoods in South Africa; Sekelbos, but not the wet, young stuff you buy when heading out of Warmbaths towards Sondela, ours is from a farm where years of hardship have turned the wood tough and rock hard. Sekelbos has a rich red colour with a fine grain and nice patterning. The wood cracks easily and is not ideal for 'full' brushes, but luckily resin fills all the voids, cracks and crannies so that we can turn this exceptional hard wood into brushes that will last for many years to come.

We have applied a coat of a new aftershave balm we are developing made from tallow, olive oil and a few other ingredients, and we love the natural sheen of this product, so as a bonus you will receive a small tub of this to keep for your brush, and to try on your face, now if that is not the type functionality you'd love from a shaving product we'll have a hard time to please you!

The brush stands 129 mm tall, with the loft at 55 mm. It has a waist of 22 mm and a belly of 39 mm. The brush weighs 81 grams and has a 24 mm Finest two band knot in it.