Silvertip in two tone Stinkywood (CB173)

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Here we have a Wit Stinkhout handle that is turned to a more modern shape, it is taller and wider than conventional old school brushes, but the medium light wood means it is not as heavy as resin and other hardwood handles, it is actually a very nice feature of this wood species. We chucked in some red tint for a bit of flash and kept the top end in its natural state, we only added a clear sealer/treatment over it. We fitted this oke with a 21 mm Silvertip badger knot which will provide many years worth of fine lathers. It weighs in on 76 grams, and is 133 mm tall with a loft height set at 55 mm. Waist size is 27 mm and the collar is 23 mm. The brush was finished to 600 grit sandpaper and coated with Rubio Monocoat 2c, of which small quantities will be available on our website soon for brush maintenance purposes.