Slant stroke Bakelite razor (V173)

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If razor-world had a hunchback it would be this one, the Slant stroke bakelite! As with many lesser known/found razors information on this razors is sparse if not non-existent. It could have been made anytime from the late 30 up to the 50's or 60's. This razor has a very interesting head in that is has a hump right in the middle of the cap, one can only assume as to help guide the angle at which one holds the razor, even though that is not how most users would 'find an angle' 

The razor is not slanted like most other slants, but the two sides are numbered 1 and 2, and there is difference in blade gap and feel when dragged over skin. How does it shave? No idea, we'll leave that to the new owner to experience.

This is the first one we have come across in our existence, so certainly collectable if this is your thing. The razor has a very small section of bakelite missing on the underside of the guard, non imperative to shave quality/sensation. 

The razor weighs 19 grams and stand 90 mm high, could this be the lightest vintage safety razor out there?