Stainless blade straight Razor in Ebony scales. ZY 36119


R 640.00
ZY straight razor blades are made from a reasonable quality steel, they are one of the few manufacturers to offer a range of cheaper razors in carbon and stainless steel. They hold an edge pretty well and is preferred by some users over Gold Dollars as they do not require modification of the stabilizers prior to sharpening on whetstones. This razor is sold to us as 'stainless steel' but a the magnet test suggests not a grade with high chrome or nickel content, the grain appears to be the finest of all the ZY razors, maybe a lower grade stainless, best is to hone this baby up and start using. It weighs in and 67 grams, and the shiny steel and black Ebony wood complements each other very nicely The blade grind is half-hollow and is 70 mm long with a width of around 6/8, or just over 20mm. Although some don't align perfectly, we don't consider it to be a big enough issue not to carry this straight razor in our inventory, the pros of this razor, the primary being it's pricing, outweighs the cons of it being a mass produced factory product. Please ask for more info or pics of the specific razor you will receive should you be concerned with quality issues as all of them are not exactly the same. This razor comes with a light brown leather pouch.

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