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This wooden base set will display neatly on your bathroom counter top. The base is made from reclaimed wood, originating from imported car part crates and resembles what is called Oregon Pine locally, it is more than likely Douglas Fir. Expect some dings, cracks and bashes, on some we even leave the UV bleached exterior after a light sanding to remove the rough edges, they are all one of a kind, so enjoy them as such. You are also helping to save our environment by buying up-cycled stuff, so good on you! The set includes our DE 1 safety razor, a brush, 5 packs of assorted blades, and a 125 g bar of shaving soap. This set will have you shaving your mug for the next 6 months! Load your brush from the soap in the wooden base and work up a lather in a bowl, or simply proceed to face lather. Have a look on our FAQ page for info on how to use our soaps.