Stinkhout with 28 mm synthetic silvertip (CB147)

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When talking synthetic brushes most folks generally prefer the larger knots, they are not as expensive as badgers, but the larger diameter compensates for the brush's poor ability to hold water, that being said they are mostly very soft brushes with a very uniform, sturdy backbone profile, and easy to use once you get to know your brush. This brush has a 'Stinkhout' handle that has had a light grey tint added to it to match the color of the brush tips, and looks great all dollied-up. The chunky handle, large knot and synced color scheme works well to make this a desirable brush for the person looking for a brush that works hard, dries quick and caresses softly. This squarely shaped offering weighs a fairly light 78 grams, stands 116 mm tall, and the loft is set at 60 mm.