Super badger in Oregon (CB168)

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Known locally by most of us as 'Oregon Pine' this wood has a reputation for being sought after, especially older timber with finer, straighter grain patterns, as those are more likely to have been harvested from trees grown naturally and not ones manipulated by tree growing strategies and commercial forestry. We know many homes and bathrooms have furnishings made with this timber, they are cherished and preserved, and passed down from generation to generation. This timber also comes salvaged from old buildings, and are certainly aged 70 years and older. The amount of lead based paint I had to strip from this wood should have me set a premium in price, but on the upside the thick, rigid stuff did help to preserve the wood beautifully! Boy the stuff they used to paint with! The brush weighs 61 grams, stands 140 mm high, and is fitted with a 21 mm Super badger knot set at a 58 mm loft. The waist measures 20 mm in the thinnest section and the collar 23 mm. The brush handle was coated with Rubio Monocoat 2c, of which small quantities will soon be available on our website for brush maintenance purposes.