Two Band Finest in Celtis (CB165)

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This brush displays the identity of White Stinkwood quite nicely, lovely grain and patterning and easy to shape and sand, one of my current favorites to work with, and I believe it will stay that way. The tree is revered as having magical, spiritual powers by some African cultures. It is said to offer protection from negative forces and to bestow fertility. So if you are a young couple 'working' at a family, this information authorizes you to buy insane amounts of shaving brushes made with this wood, and also sleep with it under your pillow! We fitted this 'erect' brush with another favorite of ours, a 28 mm Finest Two Band knot. For its size it is quite light at 96 grams as it stands 152  mm tall, while the knot protrudes 64 mm. The waist is 26 mm, and the top collar 29 mm.