White stinky wood with a Mixed Badger knot. (CB163)

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Yup, that would be the direct translation for the Afrikaans of Wit Stinkhout! Apparently the name originated from the smell that it delivers when being cut, to me it is quite a pleasant smell when being turned. The tree is revered as having magical, spiritual powers by some African cultures. It is said to offer protection from negative forces and to bestow fertility. Strips of the bark, hung within the home, are reputed to deter snakes, so basically EVERYONE needs at least one brush made from this timber! The mixed badger knot sits a bit deeper in the handle, ensuring the heavier mixed badger hair are not too floppy when wet or loaded. The brush weighs 66 grams, is 108 mm tall, while the knot protrudes 53 mm. The waist is 20 mm, and the top collar 22 mm.