Wild Olive hybrid with a 28 mm SHD Manchurian finest two band knot (CB188)

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If you want to run with the big dogs don't piss like a puppy, money buys the whiskey, going gangsta, and 'I don't fight for bragging rights I have proved myself' are all sayings you can casually drop in shaving circles when you own one of these! The colours of the resin is quite hard to capture, but you'll love this brush if you have a bathroom with lots of light, the wild olive wood grains flow nicely into the theme and rounds off this cool brush with splurts of colourful swirls in the resin portion. The knot is from a premium supplier and is simply something you have to experience for yourself, so we'll remain hush and have you discover its loving strokes and cheek caressing genius. The brush weighs 116 grams, stands 130 mm tall with a loft of 55 mm, the waist measures 27 mm.