Woolfson Four


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Trevor Woolfson is a local tradesman working from his workshop in Sebenza, Gauteng. He is a full time razor manufacturer and custom car builder and  and it is easy to see why he has chosen this career path. His razors are all unique, with some of them sporting exceptional coolness on the spine and tang, his unique style offers premium class razors in various price classes depending on the finishing and amount of work involved in producing them.

Apart from supplying us with a few of his creations he will also take up commissions, if you have something special in mind feel free to contact us/him to create a stubble slashing blade that matches the theme you are after.

Each of his razors are shipped in a stainless tube and leather pouch, so be sure that your razor will reach in you in good state, even if the courier bakkie is blown up by a landmine it's the way to your abode.

This razor is bad to the bone, the skull detailing on the blade will have everyone staring at you in awe as you slide this cutthroat down the side of your neck, eyes wide open as they are waiting for the Grim Reaper to arrive and take you away. Custom razors are a combination of functionality and art, and this razor certainly speaks of it. We'll let the pics do most of the talking on this one. The basics you want to know; RWL34 stainless blade in a full hollow grind, solid wood scales with carbon fibre inlays and it weighs 70 grams. It is sharp and ready to send millions of stubble to their caskets.  

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