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Yaqi is a fairly new entrant to the safety razor market selling a range of products based on proven technology and design rather than trying to re-invent the wheel. Their razors are made of good quality materials with equally good finishing. The company is based in China and have a global footprint, they are well trusted and offer a good level of customer care via their distributors. Their razors carry a 12 month guarantee, but as with all our other offerings, feel free to contact us if you feel a problem beyond normal wear and tear has popped up after the guarantee period, we'll always try and assist to get you back to super smooth asap!

The Yaqi Godzilla is a beast of a razor when it comes to appearance and weight but it shaves surprisingly gentle as the head is very mild. I think it should rather have been called 'Sully' (the softhearted turquoise and purple beast from Monsters Inc) 'Letting the weight of the razor do the work' is a concept that comes easy with this bad boy, but you really need to keep track of where you hold/grip the razor. Don't allow this model to slip through your fingers, it will smash your porcelain basin, go through your counter top and 'fall all the way back to China'! The handle also makes a nifty tool to have in the palm of your hand during bar fights, or a conditioning tool when you are practicing smuggling contraband in body cavities. Other uses may include spicing up your sexlife, using it as a slug in a shotgun when you want to take out 35 people with one shot when at the back of the COVID 19-line, or as temporary replacement side shaft for your Toyota Land Cruiser when broken down in the bush.

A great razor for the guy with sensitive or problem skin, or someone who likes a very mild shave leaving stubble a tad longer, with more lubrication during the shave.

This razor weighs 227 grams, stands 107 mm tall and has a handle diameter of 19 mm, all of it dressed up in white chrome 

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