Yaqi synthetic Cosmic yellow

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Yaqi is a shaving gear manufacturer based in China who's expertise revolves around brushes and razors. If you have ever experienced the softness of makeup brushes you'd have an idea of the dimension of softness that they add to the some of their products. Lovers of synthetics brushes will find their brushes and knots hard to beat in terms of all round performance, quality and bang for your buck. The company has about 20 year's worth of experience in the field and is a solid player, more than likely ranking as the number one supplier of synthetic knots in the global market. Their brushes are known for their sturdiness, lathering capability, fast drying properties and its resistance to mold/bacteria. 

The Cosmic yellow has a 63 mm tall resin handle in red with black swirls and the black Yaqi emblem on the bottom, it stands 119 mm high and is fitted with a 24 mm Tuxedo knot set at a 56 mm loft. The brush weighs 96 grams, and has a waist measurement of 26 mm.