Bundubeard Prepo oil.

Bundubeard Prepo oil.

What is this? It's a pre-shave oil that can also be used as a post shave oil (pre-po), we also dubbed it Vona olie 'vo(or)' and 'na' being the translation for pre- and post in Afrikaans.


Why did we develop this? Mostly because we think most pre-shave oils are formulated with too much focus on the beard and actual shave, and too little focus on your skin and its condition, both pre- and post shave. We also wanted to produce another grooming first, and provide a value for money product to our customers and the South African market. I regard our Prepo oil to be as good or better than other pre shave products I have tried. One has to remember your shave lasts only a few minutes, but your skin is riding shotgun with you 24/7, and this is where this product comes into its own. Do take note of the condition of your skin prior to, and over the duration that you will be testing it, if the product works as well for you as it does for us, you will experience great shaves paired with smooth, hydrated skin throughout your day, right over the 4 season spectrum we have on the southern tip of the continent.



Does it still behave like a conventional pre-shave oil? It certainly does, with the advantage of users being able to use this product in various quantities to obtain various effects. Use liberally to obtain slip and lubrication right before your shave, or apply well in advance for it to soften your beard, tone your skin and effectively do a 'deep prep' for your shave. The product can also be used as an actual shaving medium, best used right after you showered, apply enough for a slippery feel and proceed with your shave, the oil is quite light it will wash easily from your hardware.



Will it work for me? The effectiveness of pre-shave oils are often debated at length, some folks love them, and some find no real advantage to using them. In my experience guys with sensitive or problematic skin will tell you it has become an integral step in their shaving routine, while most guys with 'regular skin' will tell you it adds little value, it can also be a crucial step for guys with very coarse beard, as they have to use every available tool in the box to get their stubble soft enough for a comfortable shave.



Well... will it work for me? The best way to find out is to get a bottle of the stuff and try. The quickest and simplest method is to apply the muti to one side of your face and then feel the effect of it by stroking over both sides of your face every now and again over the next half an hour or so, compare the sensation on your hands and face. You should feel a difference in the rigidness of your stubble. Next proceed to the shave, you should experience an easier, more comfortable removal of stubble on the side of your face where you have applied the product, and possibly also a closer shave, if you don't, the product does not add much value to your shave, simple as that. We are not one of those companies that will try and persuade folks all our products are must-haves, because let's face it, we are all different in many ways and it is impossible that anyone or anything can produce something that agrees with all of us.  Well....maybe trees can, as they produce oxygen which we all seem to enjoy tremendously. If you find the product does not improve your shave, please do keep experimenting with it, you may yet find its 'sweet spot' in your shaving routine and even if you don't, remember it is a great skin toner that can be used as often as you like or whenever your skin needs a bit of TLC.



What is with the post shave? It's actually more than that, it is an anytime face skin treatment, but my favourite method of usage is about 15 to 30 minutes prior to my shave, before hitting the sack and in the mornings before heading out, usage obviously depends on whether I use any other aftershave products. This oil is one serious Jack-of-all-trades shave product ! I fell in love with Bee natural's skin tonic as a product that does wonders for my skin in an environment where the African sun, sawdust, sweat and other elements often place quite a burdon on my pretty face, and wanted to develop something that behaves similarly but in fragrances that matches some of our shaving soaps and aftershaves. This oil has a milder fragrance than our aftershaves that are building a reputation for being pretty bold and strong, so its is the perfect candidate to use if you only want a slight tremble of your partners knees, unlike the aftershaves that will simply knock her right over!



How do I apply it? We normally squirt about half a pipette in one palm, rub our DRY hands (wet or moist hands will dilute the oil making it quite difficult to get it nice and hot in your hands) together to heat up the oil and quickly massage it into our entire face and neck, it will be hardly noticeable after 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the amount you use. One can obviously increase or decrease the amount used as per personal preference, and/or apply to only the beard area instead of your entire face.



What is in it? The star ingredient is undoubtedly Baobab oil, one of our continents most amazing oils, this oils contains Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9), Vitamin E, Calcium, Alfa and Beta Carotenes, Uronic Acid, Tannins and Phytosterols. The unique components of Baobab oil provide a wide range of skin care benefits. It nourishes the epidermis, aiding the outermost layer of the skin to provide a waterproof barrier that maintains superb skin tone. The oil has the effect of softening the skin and gives it greater elasticity. It can also help with a range of skin disorders including eczema, sunspots and psoriasis. Other ingredients are Vit E oil, Castor oil, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil, Phytosterol esters, Fragrance oils and Essential oils.



Will it clog my pores? Unlikely, Baobab oil has a comedogenic rating of 2, this means that it won’t clog most people’s pores, it might present a problem if you have oily skin, as this condition can cause Baobab and most other oils to clog up your pores. To read up a bit more on oils, what they do for your skin and how they react on your skin read this article. The information in this article obviously applies to all oils used in our, and other manufacturers products, reading it might shed some light on products you find problematic or particularly good for your skin, one can work out what works for your skin and what not by way of elimination.



To read up a bit more on the amazing properties of the main ingredient in this product, have a look here.

An exceptional product to keep, not only in your bathroom, but also in your car, gym bag, golf cart or even in your pocket. Go ahead, not only your wallet, but also your face will thank you. Your face should look and feel great, a bit softer than normal and will add healthy colour and glow.

*Hint: If your mug is as shiny as a Metro traffic official who just devoured a bucket of KFC you are using too much product!