Aftershave/postshave products

Post shave products are used to tone and condition your skin after a shave, and also has the additional function of making you smell like a billion bucks. (Inflation has taken its toll and the word 'million' seem too mediocre for our range, and had to be replaced!) Using a good shaving soap is very important, but choosing the correct (or none at all) aftershave product is of paramount importance as it will stay on your skin way longer that any shaving medium that is rinsed off after the shave. 

Post shave is all about your skin, so get this one right to ensure you make an impression when you enter a room, not only by the way you smell, but also the way your skin looks and feel.

A Dapper, freshly shaved and spiced man will always be demand, even more than Zuma at the Zondo commission!