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How to use our soaps

Our soaps are made with biodegradable ingredients, and are as home in the finest establishments as in the veld, bush, or any other destination making use of septic tank and run-off draining systems. All ingredients are natural and sourced on the continent. It has been developed in this manner with good reason, our soap will degrade in as little as 30 days, making it the perfect option for people who cares about our environment.

Body soap 

Our body bar is used like you would any other bar of soap, but the moisturizing properties of glycerine and nourishment of raw coconut oil will go a long way in improving the feel and health of your skin, this is the first change I would suggest to any man who wants to make a simple change that improves quality of life. Don't forget your skin is your biggest organ, and treating it well is core to your well being

Shampoo bar

Our shampoo bar is one of my favorites, it is simply such a sensible choice for men who do not want to carry large bottles of shampoo and conditioner around with them, and sensibly so as you are effectively carting about soap with lots of water in a plastic container that is highly likely to go to landfill, or find its way into our waterways and oceans.  Apply by rubbing the bar over your head until enough soap has been distributed over the scalp area, massage as with any other shampoo. Leave the lather on your head for a few minutes before rinsing to give the oils some time to penetrate and do their work, alternatively rinse immediately if you are pressed for time. Use the bar for a few days to notice the results. Your hair will be strong, healthy, and have a shiny appearance. If you prefer to stick with the bottled stuff, we have some eco-friendly products on our site, please recycle responsibly when empty. Our bars weighs about 30 grams each, and I use around 1,2 grams per wash (short hair) making it a very economical choice. 

Here are some pics of me and my wife's hair at two different magnifications , I have been using our shampoo bar for about a year now, with no conditioner or any aftercare products, my wife uses a popular shampoo and conditioner available from large retailers, I am top, she is bottom, I was actually amazed to see the condition of my hair. I am not trying to discredit mainstream shampoo manufacturers, but only trying to illustrate that ours does a pretty good job!

 How to convert our shampoo bar to shampoo in a bottle.

  • Our bars weigh approximately 30 grams each. For bottled shampoo you will need 210 ml of water (ratio 1:7) for every puck you use, 4 bars will make around 1 liter of shampoo. (4 x 30g soap pucks and 4 x 210 ml water adds up to approx 960 ml of product) It is easiest to use 250, 500, 750 and 1000ml container, with 1,2,3 and 4 pucks respectively.
  • Measure 210 ml of water and nuke for 90 seconds on high in your microwave, and pour into your container of choice, be careful when using plastic, water must not be at boiling point.
  • Nuke the shampoo bar for around 20 seconds on high, stir until the last bits of solids are dissolved. Be careful not to heat the soap to quickly as high heat will affect the natural oils negatively (what I am told) You will need to adjust these periods when making larger batches using more water and shampoo bars. Only clever people buy our products, so I have no doubts that you will figure out what works best for you!
  • Pour the soap into the water and swirl around until well mixed (around 20 seconds) try not to create excessive foam by working to rigorously. The result will be a watery mixture resembling the color of the shampoo bar used.
  • Set aside and allow to cool for about 2 hours
  • The mixture will remain watery for a while, but will thicken at the end.
  • Once thickened you can shake and handle the shampoo as you please.
  • I prefer a transparent bottle (for visual inspection) as the oil could seperate partially during longer periods of no use, in such cases, simply shake well and use.
  • Give the bottle a gentle shake before each use to ensure oils remain in suspension.


Our shaving bar is a very economical option that will be hard to beat. It lathers quickly and offers great slip, comfort and nourishment for your skin. It rinses very easily from your brush and razor, and leaves minimal residue. If not already in one of our bowls, we advise you melt down your bar of soap and pour it into your container of choice, a quarter bar will last you approximately 3 months. Cut the bar into cubes using a knife and heat gently in a microwave or any other means such as a double boiler, be careful not to overheat the soap as you will lose some of the great properties of the virgin ingredients.

You can also chuck your stainless steel container on the braai grid and melt the soap to liquid form, while taking in some liquid yourself (this is the method we advise). Give it a quick stir every now and again to make sure it is fully molten, put aside, it will set in less than an hour.

Don't worry about it if it seems all the clay have settled on the bottom, it is only the big particles, and most remain in suspension. We advise this method of use as a loose puck of soap in your favorite container is an irritation to work with, cavities between the soap and bowl also makes for less effective lathering, and excessive soap wastage.

Soak brush and shake excess water as you would with most other shaving soaps, now load the brush in the bowl and just keep going until you get the consistency you require. When you are done shaving remove remainder of soap from your brush and drop it back in the bowl, it makes for quicker lather the following day. Of course you can simply load your brush off the bar and lather up in a separate bowl, the reason we made the bar round and large is to accommodate the biggest and stiffest of brushes. Use the soap in various ways to find which works best for you. The soap might by quite hard initially, but will become softer after initial use.

Our soaps will work well for some and less so for others, if you are not satisfied with the results we urge you to send us some feedback, our final aim is a range of products that covers the broadest possible spectrum of the population, and we will continuously add to our offerings.

These are the ingredients found in our soaps; Virgin cold pressed cocnut oil, Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, Jamaican black Castor oil, Shea butter, Glycerine soap base.