Better products, an improved lifestyle and saves me a bundle?

The popularity of classic wet shaving is increasing dramatically because of many reasons, it is cool, offers products that are far superior in quality and longevity, and are environmentally friendly. There are two other very important drivers that would have you consider going this route, and that is to reduce your dependency on large corporations, (read regular trips to the supermarket), and the money factor.



A good financial adviser will more than likely tell you to use your credit card only in emergencies, and pay this debt as soon as possible. We agree, but also suggest you should consider buying all your shaving consumables with it. Use it for long term 'investment', buy all my shaving consumables for the rest of my life now?…..are you crazy!?
Read on, we say apart from buying your house, using your credit card to sort out your shaving consumables for your time on earth is more than likely the best investment a working stiff like you and I can make, and this it how it adds up;
Scenario 1. You change your shaving routine to using a safety razor and traditional shaving soap, and buy your consumables you need FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE now. Scenario 2, you stick with the global corporate’s product, and buy all your consumables required for the rest of your life now (don’t think the pressurized container will last decades, but let us assume otherwise). Scenario 3, you stick with the mass procuced stuff and buy as and when you require it.
Scenario 3 is what the multi-national corporations want, as this is what brings them most money, and a constant flow of it!
If you opt for scenario 3, you will have no issue with space whatsoever but you will have to make numerous trips to the shops. You will also have the latest ‘technology’ in your bathroom cupboard. What you will also do is expend almost R 1.6 million on cartridges, and around R 700 000 on gel/foam, and an unknown amount on razors as they bring new models to market. Total R2,3 million!
Scenario 2 is loads better, but you still require a substantial investment, and quite a bit of space, if you buy all your consumables from your supermarket today, you will need 578 cans of shaving cream, and 1950 cartridges, this will take up the boot space of 3 cars, or the space of 2 large cupboards in your house, you will also not have the latest ‘technology’ and might be the only soul in SA shaving with this type of razor in 20 year’s time. You will need to fork out around R 110 000 to stock up on these items at current retail pricing..
Scenario 1 offers an enormous range to choose from, so much so that your choice of razor, brush, soap and blade can make you the only person on the planet to have a specific combo. Your hardware will last you a lifetime, a fine razor or brush will always dish up special memories, whether in your own hands or in that of one of you children or grand children.  As for consumables you will need one shoe box sized container for your razor blades of choice, and 3 boxes for your classic soaps. Your blades for life (medium quality) will set back around R 3700, and soaps R 3250, add around R 2000 for a shaving set and some other goodies. Grand total R 8950 and you are good to go!
So, R 8950 vs R 2 300 000........ scary figures! Strangely enough, clever people get this, but most don't.
With figures like these, many guys would like to rush out, and get this over and done with, but don’t! The range of products (both hardware and consumables) out there for classic shavers is enormous. Shaving sets can be had from around R 300 to R 3000. Sets with exotic hardwoods and other materials made with meticulous workmanship can push the price up to the R 10 000 range.
Our cheaper razor and brush sets are of good quality, and highly likely to last you for the duration of your time on this beautiful planet. If within your reach, buy yourself a safety razor and brush set for around R 1000 to R 2000. Start experimenting with soaps and blades to find the combo that works for your skin and method of shaving. Once you got this sorted, stock up on your items of choice. Now you will have a shaving system that works for you, and will last you a lifetime.
Variety is the spice of life though, and alternating soaps, cremes, blades, aftershaves, hardware and your shaving routine will more than likely become something you love and  make your own. Shaving hardware and consumables make perfect gifts, be sure to send your family links to the stuff you like, doing all a favour as buying gifts for someone else is always difficult.
For some, few things compare to a shave using fine products and handcrafted hardware. It is the perfect start to that perfect day, whether laid back and on holiday, the start to an important business event, or simply trying to match the brilliance of a stunning African sunrise in bush, go on and own it!
*The calculations were done in 2015 doing two trails over 2 months, one with a M3 razor, cartridge and a shaving gel from a can, and squaring that up against one of our razors, using an assortment of locally available mid-range blades, and our own shaving soap. I shaved every day, tallied up the cartridges used, and measured soap/gel consumption using an electronic scale that measures down to two decimals of a gram. I got around 8 shaves out of the M3 catridges, and 6 out of the safety razor blade. Calculations are based on a male person, shaving 6 times a week from the age of 20 up to 70.