Rat razors

Razors with rattitude... I used to and still do love rat bikes, they started making their appearance in the 80's and they are bikes that had various parts and components from other makes and models added to them to keep them running, and even sported some homemade parts and fixes. They were mostly painted matt black and were all unique because of the very nature of a rat bike. They were kept on the road and in use with minimal effort and expense, this changes a bit once you get serious about rat bikes, but we'll leave it at that. Some looked dodgy, some evil, some like they could fall apart at any time and some of them pure badass. 

In steps Rat razors; pretty much the same concept, a razor that is not original, has different components, functions as a razor and takes a nice edge. Vintage razors are great, but some of them can be very boring, so unless in very good original shape, such razors will stand a chance to win a ticket to rat-razordom! There are going to be ugly ones, schweeeeet ones, cheaper and more expensive ones, but they all WILL SHAVE GREAT, and depending on your taste, may be just what you are after to step out of mainstream for a bit and onto the twisties.