Tallow and succulents

This is a soap base we are very excited about, its all about natural ingredients that are locally sourced and/or grown, and our efforts in keeping the ingredients list as sustainable as possible. When you talk 'botanicals' in soaps it is usually only very small amounts of botanicals infused in water or essential oils used for their fragrance profiles in proven recipes, but when we talk botanicals on this base it refers not only to the oils used for the fragrance profiles, but also to a whopping 25% by volume succulent component!

Aloes and other succulents have made a huge mark in the cosmetic world when we talk skincare and preservation, it offers amazing qualities en benefits to users. The train of thought with this soap was combining the goodness and properties of succulents with the goodness and qualities of a more traditional tallow base. We will also keep the fragrance profile as local as possible and try to be 'quite creative' to bring the shaving world something truly unique.

We are placing a huge emphasis on sustainability and have (and will) plant the species of succulents we select for these bases on our own property. We'll combine that with fresh, untouched spring water brabbling from the ground a mere 200 or so meters from our homestead, and chuck in some grass fed tallow, sourced from a farming couple located in Bronkhorstpruit, about, 30 km's from us.

The species of plants we are experimenting with currently includes Spekboom, Prickly pear, Aloe ferox, Snotbossie (Bulbine frutescens) and Hotnotsvy (Carpobrotus edulis).

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