Product quality



Our products are NOT designed and formulated in the finest laboratories in Europe. Many such claims are made by suppliers to lure you into buying their products. Shaving has been around for a couple of centuries, the internet has just made it so much simpler to get your hands on some good gear and consumables. Our range of products work and work well, like millions before them. Some are handmade locally, some imported from countries such as Japan, Germany and China. Find one you like buy it, and use it. We offer razors for people from all walks of life, from cash strapped students right through to the discerning individual who wants a razor custom made to their requirements. Hardworking razors that can cut beard as tough as the African Bundu.

Many of our soaps and balms are made locally on our premisis, although we keep things clean and hygienic, we are not a cosmetics factory. Some ingredients even get processed on open fire in our lapa, and although we do strain and clean as often as we should, the odd speck of dust, piece of ash or piece of grass from the thatch may find its way into a final product, if you can live with that, drop some cash, but if our homegrown organic style does not appeal to you, we'd certainly understand if you were to shop elsewhere.  

Testing our products

Although we use them extensively and all have performed to our expectations to date, our customers remain our primary gauge, please stay in touch and give feedback on our products, good or bad, we are always eager to improve on either range, quality or price on offer. We have low and high end items available on our store, as it is our mission to help every person to be able to experience classic wet shaving, the random guy in the squatter camp is just as deserving of a moral boosting morning routine as the swanky metro-man strutting his stuff at the Waterfront. Please read descriptions of custom made items and consumables carefully, we try and cater for clients looking for all natural products and also those looking for proven mainstream products. We must emphasize trying a few products and finding the ones best for your skin types.

Consumables and blades preference varies from person to person dependent on personal experience, skin sensitivity/condition and their lifestyle. We try and stock products with superior performance, as well as products that has the intended purpose of reducing one's consumer footprint and the range in between.

a Natural coating on hand made razors and brushes requires most maintenance, and synthetic CA finishing requires none. Some clients prefer using own oils and polishes, for them our naturally finished products have a light coating of coconut oil and/or beeswax polish for wood, alternatively, Danish oil. The first two can be removed quite easily or just be used for a while for the bare wood to be displayed. Danish oil penetrates into the wood, and can be repeated as and when required, with intervals of more than 12 months not being detrimental to the material. All our items have been put through the buffalo test. 

 The buffalo test ?

Well, we personally shave with every type of razor, if there is no blood, we know it is comfortable. Our next step is to determine the level of comfort it provides. What you do is find a sleeping buffalo, if you manage to shave part his face without waking him up, you know the razor provides a high level of comfort, if he wakes up and tramples you to death, your razor provided only a medium to low level of comfort. In Africa you need tough, strong and durable, not products designed by an officious nine-to-fiver in a lab coat somewhere in Europe. We still love pretty though, and our African hardwoods delivers some spectacular items. 


Here is a pic of buffalo I shaved below his right eye. I am sitting here typing, that means you are getting some good stuff….