Glycerine base shaving soaps

Glycerine base soaps are like the 'middle class' of our country, they work hard, make ends meet every month and do their jobs very well for a small amount of money. Glycerine base soaps are generally very economical, but still lathers amazingly good with good slip, blade cushion and often superior lather stability. Somehow the shaving freternity has come to the conclusion that it is 'not as good as tallow' I disagree wholeheartedly as I have used many G-based soaps far exceeding properties of certain tallow soaps. Glycerine soaps are antimicrobial, antiviral and importantly hygroscopic, and it loves moisturising your skin, in fact the stuff is so good, certain soap manufacturers work very hard to remove the extra glycerin – which is good for your skin, but also good for making other stuff such as lotions and lubricants....basically stuff that you will end up paying more for to compensate for your dry skin caused by a bar of soap of which the glycerine has been removed! a Good glycerin soap will do the job of soap and lotion, so give credit where it is due!

Make no mistake, not all glycerine soaps are the same! Make sure you try ours, we'd like to think we have one of the better formulations, we also add some additional oils and clays to make it as slick, smooth and fast as a politician's convoy heading to a whiskey tasting event through rush hour traffic.