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Originally from the construction industry and owner of my own company, my circumstances has changed such that it was time for a change of direction, I still love the game, and might very well get active in the industry again, but for now it is new ventures. I needed something that would get me away from managing people and projects and back to working with my hands, but also something that still offered the opportunity to reason, plan and contemplate. Being of average skill when it comes to working with my hands, and having a love for trees and nature, creations out of natural materials seems like a logical choice, throw a startup business in the mix and add to that my fascination for classic shaving (and most things old school) and Bundubeard/Boendoebaard was born.



I love the idea that we can save South African men millions of rands by changing their habits. Classic wet shaving is truly an amazing way of doing this, as you upgrade your lifestyle, have a smaller impact on the environment, tend and develop a personal routine that works for every individual, and save thousands (or millions) in doing so! I really love helping people, whether it is saving them money, improving their lifestyle with products/information, or simply having a beer or a coffee and a friendly conversation.    

We want to create a space where South African men (and women) can buy good quality items at a reasonable price. Our number one priority is to become a manufacturer, supplier and re-seller that offers value for money to our clients. We have low overheads and intend passing these savings on to our customers. We aim to build a small base of loyal clients. Growing as fast and large as possible will never become a priority. We aim to offer a range of products wide enough so clients can build a cart that is still economical even after shipping has been added.

We are big on sustainability and green issues, and our products reflect that. Please consider ordering in bulk as this will minimize the waste you and I create, it will also save you lots of money and time. Realistically, what would you rather do, take a walk to your local supermarket to buy a can of shaving cream, or take a walk to the pub to hang with your buddies? Buying in bulk has major advantages, most other businesses would not encourage this, as returning customers are key to its survival. We are different in that way, in fact we advise you do just that, we believe if we offer great service, advice and products, our clients will refer enough business our way to keep our doors open.



We have been testing various products extensively over the past 3 years, if it is on this site it works for its intended purpose and is a value for money product. That being said, no two men are the same, and what worked for us might not necessarily work for others. Best is to buy some stuff and start grooming, I hope it becomes as satisfying a journey for you as it still is for me.

It is about service and a personal relationship, if your interaction with us has not been a personal one, please let us know. We aim to keep our offerings interesting and varied, from low budget razors to handcrafted items, and every single buyer is one we would love to serve again.

As I fabricate and make many items myself I spend a lot of time in my workshop, away from my phone and computer, and may not always get back to you as speedily as I would have liked, but I will certainly tend to your query. 

Keep an eye on our blog pages for posts relevant to our products and issues relevant to South Africans.

Make contact with Jaco Grobler on 083 564 6088, this number can be used for voice calls, Whatsapp, Wechat and sms's. E-mail us at bundubeard@gmail.com or boendoebaard@gmail.com