Sheeps tallow shaving soaps

Sheeps tallow is not easy to come by as the animals are much smaller than cows and has less bulk, most of the body fat is also sold with the animal as we all love a tjoppie with a crispy ridge of fat or a crispy, juicy 'staanrib'. In it's freshly rendered state mutton tallow has a smoother consitency than beef tallow, and this does come through in the final product. Mutton has a slightly different fatty acid profile and a different feel on the skin. It is a little higher in levels of the antioxidant vitamin E. It also has less palmitic acid than beef tallow, but more oleic and stearic acid. We have banished the ever popular Shea butter component in favour of more liquid oils and added in our very own Kalahari melon oil. Our aim was to preserve the soft and luxurious feel of the soap, to the point where folks point out to the soap and it a it a cream, NO! It is Supertallow!

We can brag all we like, but you be the judge, (go to 1 min 46 if you are in a rush), will this soap be your Yellow sun or green Kryptonite?

The price of this soap will increase quite a bit with the new packaging and next purchase of raw materials, so grab a few quickly, they should dissapear quickly once word gets out!