African Black shaving brushes

African Black shaving brushes is a range of brushes we create using raw materials from the African continent, some of them are casted or filled with a locally made compound like casting resin to 'keep it all together' and fill the natural voids. Using this method our creations will hopefully become durable items that will last for many years to come. This range is mostly restricted to whites, greys and darker colours, also earthy tones one would find while out in the African bush. We will work with horn, minerals, bone, wood and other plant matter in an attempt to create a range brushes for a wide range of tastes.  

Although we will offer them in some great knot options, the spirit of the range lies not in 'brush perfection', but rather to create the opportunity for every wet shaver to hold a piece of Africa in their hands, some brushes will receive a bit of extra love, and that will be reflected in the price, but the focus is on working with the natural form and attributes of the materials and convert that into function, delivering a range of brushes that can be afforded by paupers, and also those favoured by collectors looking for a trophy brush.

The admiration of these creations should not pass to the maker (I am a mediocre brush maker at best), but rather to the spirit of the continent and the magic of the animal, plant or mineral of which you will hold something in your hand.  I like to leave as many possible natural markings on the items as it represents the life of the animal; battles on the plains, dodging predators, searching for food and doing what it takes to survive another day from dawn to dusk.

We hope your brush brings you hours of shaving pleasure, and will give you a glimpse into the wild, simple ways of Africa and its people.