Vintage shaving brushes

In this section we will list vintage shaving brushes whenever we get our hands on them. Unlike vintage razors that were made from metals, these brushes were mostly made from wood and early plastics, so they are quite scarce and hard to come by. We will be selling brushes that are functional, so if it has a slight crack or scratch that won't impede its function we will list it, we know many guys want some of these for those 'classical sotd' days, or simply to place in their collection, and it will not necessarily be a daily latherer. but the bulk of the brushes will be perfectly suitable for both purposes.

Check out the pics and make sure what you buy, 75% of the ones we receive are in a worste state that we anticipated, so we'll try our best to give a true reflection in the pics. 

If the original knot is unused or in very good condition we will offer it as is, but we will put 'modern day knots' into handles that are empty or with thinned out/breaking bristles.