Old school is not only about looks...

Most people are not even aware of the growing consumer base going back to more traditional shaving methods. It has to do with consumers becoming wise, choosing style and individuality over the same old strategy of mass marketing where large corporations throws massive amounts of money at marketing campaigns convincing you their products are superior, enslaving you for the rest of your life. They realized early on most men don't really shop around for grooming products, if they could reel you in it is likely you will be buying their products for a long time. Times have changed, there is a world of information at our fingertips, and thanks to online shops, we no longer have to go to the dreaded mall to shop for cool stuff, or be satisfied with a current mainstream offerings that looks like a plastic part that fell off your son's Transformer figurine.

The bulk of South African consumers have no idea of the range and quality of products out there, if you browse the web you will find a plethora of manufacturers, products, services and forums, mainly located in Europe and the US. Men and women worldwide are taking the step and changing their personal  hygiene routine from a rushed chore to high-end lifestyle routine.
For too long have we been deceived by clever marketing strategies such as convenience and other 'advantages' of buying their chemical concoctions and planet threatening disposable wares. They have taken the art of shaving and turned it into a chore, we and many like us are trying to undo that, by offering a range of quality products that suits every one from students right through to connoisseurs of fine living.
Information is key to making any good decision, but to much of it can be daunting. For good information on the skill of shaving, and some clear detailed information on the anatomy of products, please visit sites like www.classicshaving.com and www.shaving101.com, for questions and general chatter on the subject, we suggest a forum like www.badgerandblade.com and our local one, Mastershave. These sites have been around for many years, and their information base is varied and substantive, duplicating similar information on this website is a senseless task that will keep me out of my workshop for many years, and also turn me into a typist, something I am not particularly fond of. I am going to offer some basic info on items available on this site.