Double edged blades (DE blades)

Double edged blades are the most popular type of blade used in modern safety razors, they are mostly made from stainless steel, and also have some sort of coating on the metal for protection against corrosion, this also provides a smoother shaving experience. Blade technology has changed quite bit in the last few decades, and you can be pretty sure you are enjoying a closer, more comfortable shave your dad or grandpa used to have. Up to the early 1970's, razors were manufactured only to accept a single, disposable blade. These blades are manufactured with one singular, or dual cutting edges, depending on the design of the device. Modern day razor blades are made by a number of companies such as Merkur, Treet, Weishi, Baili, Parker, Feather, Wilkinson, Schick, Dorco, BIC, Lion, RK and a host of other brands, manufacturing facilities are spread all around the world. Countries such as the US, Israel, Russia, Korea, Japan, Egypt, India, Germany and Brazil produce enough blades to keep us spoiled for choice, and finding your 'perfect blade' can become an interesting journey.