The multiple blade pie in the sky, Part 1.

The multiple blade pie in the sky, Part 1.

One thing I simply cannot fathom is how men believe (or not question why) we need all those blades in cartridges, let us disregard the billions of your money spent on marketing campaigns, I still do not see how cartridge razors have surpassed safety razors in popularity. Are us men so impressionable !? I figured the vast majority of us as clear thinkers with a no nonsense approach to life, but if sales figures of razors and the tinned gunk we get sold as shaving cream are anything to go by, this is clearly not the case.

I want to post a few of blogs on reasons why I made this statement, and hopefully I can convert a few readers to join the ranks of men who enjoy classic wet shaving for various reasons. 

If you told Rambo to use a multi bladed Lile Hibbens survival knife or a butcher to use a multi bladed cleaver to work their trades they would laugh at you. So would any reputable chef, hunter or fishmonger, even metalworkers and other tradesmen cut through inches of hardwoods, steel and other materials using a SINGLE SHARP BLADE. Why ? Because it is the most effective way of doing it!

A bit closer to home..You just did a perfect rump on the braai and want to enjoy it right away while it is still perfect, I hand you a steak knife with 5 blades spaced fractions of a millimeter apart, and a conventional knife with a single blade, which are you going to choose? I may not know the answer to this, but I know what knife will be finishing up your grub. The single bladed one.

Here is the thing, we all use tools with blades every day, and all of them have a single blade doing the cuttting (apart from a few special applications). We sharpen wooden pencils using a single blade, cut our biltong using a single blade,and slice through a 1 inch thick steak using a knife with a single blade, yet we believe that we need five blades to cut through the human hair, measuring 0.04 to 0,10 mm in width! For crying out loud, the human hair is even used as an informal unit to measure something of very small margin  

If you are a multiple blade cartridge user, have a long hard think about the few facts I have just mentioned, if you see the light we would love to welcome you aboard, if not, please post the reasons why you feel multible blades are better than a single blade for shaving, I'd love to understand the thinking behind this sophism.