Straight razor 7 day cowboy roll (not sushi but as fitted to this cool Ducati)


R 490.00
This pack is just the thing if you are a regular straight razor shaver, it keeps 7 blades nice and cozy while protecting against scratches and bumps, but still allows quick access whenever you need to get stuck into the coolest of shaves. We offer three material types namely canvas, imitation leather and real leather. The pouches have enough room to fit most razors, including customs with 1" blades and longer tangs. The leather is super soft and classy, but like all leather not a lover of water, so look after it carefully. The rip-stop canvas roll loves water, is very rugged and will fit in with your other outdoor gear, great kit for extreme dudes who love roughing it. Our third option is something in between; waterproof, pretty and tough, but not quite as soft and pretty as real leather. Tough choice, then again why not keep on going until you got 21 straight razors and buy all three!?

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