Black Kudu (ABB96)

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The brush handle is made from Kudu horn that was not only hand shaped in form, but we have also manually added some texture onto the sides where your thumb and pointer finger would grip it. More specifically so, it is the inner horn bone that is used, this stuff is HARD, it is harder than any wood I have worked with and very heavy at that, the inner section of the horn has a less dense structure with cavities and tunnels that allows for the traversing of blood, oxygen, minerals and other organic matter for the continuous development of the horn over the Kudu's lifespan, we fill these voids with resin, making the brush slightly lighter than solid, high density horn, but is still heavier than most natural materials out there. This brush has a black resin core of which some has been vucuumed to fill the finer voids and cracks in the horn, giving it a great marble like appearance. This brush was made to match a straight razor on offer elsewhere on our website, so have a look around for it if you are into straight razors.

The brush weighs 104 grams, and stands 106 mm tall. with a loft set at 56 mm. The body has diameters ranging from 35 mm to to 41 mm. The brush is fitted with  28 mm Silvertip knot, this is a beast!

This brush likes to stand up straight, and will only fit in a few stand options balanced on its head, make sure of your stand dimensions!