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Boomslang is an aftershave balm for lovers of menthol and strong fragrances, Boomslang 1 will give you a delicate chilled kiss on the cheeks, while Boomslang 3 is a bit more 'assertive' in the kissing department. The numerical number and size of the fangs should make it simple enough to choose the snake you want to tangle with. Like all snake spit, you should avoid getting it in your eyes, as it will sting a bit, you can rub it fairly close to your sockets, but avoid getting it too close or on your eyelids.

Not only has this new balm a cooling effect added to it's attributes, but we have also adjusted the formula a bit to see how folks like it, it is a tad softer and easier to apply than most of our 'My Bliksem balms' that being said, it still only requires a small amount for your face, so if your face resembles the shine of John Travolta's hair in 'Grease' you are using too much of the stuff!

The fragrance profile is menthol, peppermint and a fragrance oil mix that is similar to BRUT, the last component  should see it find a wide audience, we realize that many folks have moved beyond their younger years when BRUT was the flavor of the day, but the fragrance is one of few that does not get overpowered easily by the minty zing. This fragrance transitions nicely between numbers 1 to 3, with 1 being more 'Brutty', number 2 quite balanced and 3 leaning towards the minty, zingy side, with cooling effect greatest on Boomslang 3 

This balm is unlike anything out there, it is made right here in South Africa using only natural main ingredients sourced from small scale farmers and businesses. This balm is highly concentrated and is very economical, it contains no water, preservatives or chemicals so a little goes a long way, a dollop as small as your pinky finger nail or less is all that is required to cover your entire face and neck area. If your skin looks too shiny or feels oily after massaging into your face and neck for 30 to 60 seconds, you are more than likely using too much, it is really that simple. Unlike most modern balms and aftershaves there are no liquids that will evaporate after application, whatever you apply is absorbed by your skin, feeding, protecting and nourishing it to a state of natural well being.

The main ingredient for this series of balms is Highveld grass fed tallow, Virgin cold pressed Olive oil from the fairest Cape, Shea butter all the way from Ghana, and Beeswax from rural Gauteng. Perfectly natural skin food made for folks who can distinguish between buying a great product versus dropping cash on an extensively marketed brand.

The product has no colorants in it, texture and color (off white to golden yellow) is determined by the ingredients and oils used in the specific series. The tallow and essential oils used both play a part, and texture can vary from smooth, hard and creamy to soft and airy with or without small, grainy particles of oils or fats in suspension.

The tub contains 100 ml of soothing goodness, refills will be available soon at around R100 bucks a pop, so hang on to your tin!



Customer Reviews

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Wat 'n wonderlike balm.

Ek het boomslang twee as 'n geskenkie gekry saam my bestelling (Baie dankie) en was verbaas.

Dit is so sag, die skop na die skeer is wonderlik en jy is sommer op en wakker, en reg vir jou dag.

Jou vel bly sommer lekker sag vir ure lank en jy sien sommer uit om weer te skeer en die balm te gebruik.

10/10 en regtig die moeite werd.

Koos Liebenberg
Boomslang is top notch

The sensation on the skin is really unbelievable. It has a cooling effect which feels magic. It’s like the Boomslang infused you with some venom. Once.

Then, you get the smell – it is good old Brut. You relive the 70s again.

And, I quote: “a little goes a long way”. Very true. First few times I used Boomslang, I quickly noted that I used too much. Now I’ve realized that this tin will last me a very, very long time. It is really good value for money and you can’t go wrong with this balm.