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Considered by most to be the premium blade for Safety razors, these blades will do a sterling job in getting rid of your stubble. This quality product from the established Japanese manufacturer comes in a strong, handy cartridge that also accepts your discarded blades. We'd buy it if only for the cartridge that is very handy when travelling. Platinum coated to go the extra mile for you. Comes in packs of 5 and 10


Customer Reviews

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Edwin Van Staden
Super Happy

I collect blades from all over the world. Picked up a few tucks I did not have. Not using them but putting them on display. Great service from Jaco. Thanks.

Sarfaraaz Mullah
Feather Blades

Fantastic product!

Edouard de Villiers
Could have, but should have?

Yes, Feather blades are arguably the sharpest of the sharp. That being said, my experience with them has not been as pleasant as shaving with blades from other brands.
They really aren't the smoothest and I've found that you knick yourself much more often with them where other blades would be totally forgiving, as a result of lacking smoothness.
After you're done shaving, your skin will feel a bit raw.
It's definitely a very technique-sensitive blade.

Ruaan Van der Merwe
Sharp but not durable

NOTE: This is my subjective view and experience with the Feather Blades. I shave every second day. Pearl Flexi DE. Three pass (WTG, XTG and ATG). Very course and tough stubble.

So I always wanted to try the Feathers and finally decide to give them a go. I was quite scared at first because they are known as the sharpest out there.

I was pleasantly surprised how easily it shaved trough my 2 day stubble. I had very little irritation (Nothing an alum block and good after shave balm could not handle). So I though this might now be my go to blade.

Unfortunately things didn't go so well on the second shave. The blade was okay WTG and XTG but ATG it was horrible. It was snagging and was just horrible to use.

Maybe a bad blade so started with a fresh one and the experience was the same. I decided to try it a third time since some bladed gets worst and then become better again but no it simply did not last.

It dulls very quickly and considering the premium price this is a let down. I always aim to get at least three shaves (Three pass) out of a blade but its impossible with the Feathers. Something to note is that Feathers are very thin blades so a tough stubble will most likely cause more damage to the edge which I believe is why it starts snagging.

Its an amazing blade but just not durable enough. I will keep them in my kit because there is no other blade that will mow trough my 4 day beard growth like Feathers so I will keep them for the long weekend no shave sessions.

Sharp sharp Sharp

If you want to upgrade your existing DE razor take these blades for a shave! Very comfortable shave and no cuts or razor rash.