Parker 97R safety razor

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Parker is a manufacturer from India that has been producing fine hardware since 1973, you can bet your bottom rupee you are in good hands if you pick one of their products. This is where performance, quality and value for money comes together in razor universe. Their razors vary from fairly conservative to outright Bollywood splendour, and boy do they ever have the moves!  Their shaving action ranges from mild to medium aggressive, so basically anyone can use them.

The 97R is a little three piece powerhouse with a smooth white chrome finish, the short handle is knurled for the most part apart from two bands top and bottom. The shorty will be a favorite with many folks as it has the classical old school looks, in yonder years longer handles were unheard off and many razors looked much like this fella. The shave will be medium and it will be a good daily driver for most folk, go across the grain for a bit of a closer shave, and against it for an even smoother result.   

In spite of its size, this razor still weighs a 96 grams, and has an overall height of 86mm.