Safety Razor DE 10

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The DE 10 is a unisex razor that is lighter and shorter than our DE9, it is a great razor for men switching over from the cartridge system as the position it is held in feels similar to what they are used to. For the ladies it is also a great option as it is not as heavy as the DE 9, but still fitted with a long handle to reach far and wide, something us men don't really need to do. It is a twist-to-open razor (TTO) which allow for quick and effortless blade changes. The dial at the bottom of the lanky handle open the doors on the razor head, and the blade is simply placed onto the base of the razor, close it up again by turning it clockwise and you are ready to get rid of stubble! This razor is mild, and works very well with sharper blades like Feather, but perfectly fine with other local blades like Minora, BIC and Supermax. If you want a closer shave simply go across or against the grain, we did a second pass against the grain with a very smooth result. This razor weighs in at a fairly light 72 grams for its 112 mm length.